Project Nursery: Closet Makeover!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Re-doing the closet was the second major thing we did for the nursery aside from painting the mural. I feel like we started on the nursery way too soon, but I thought about it and why not now? Because I'll eventually get bigger and I'll run out of energy a lot quicker again. Now is the best time to work on any "big" nursery projects, while I still have all this energy! As always John and I went back and forth on how we wanted to do it. We both had individual visions and plans set, but of course, mine always wins (most of the time)! ;] We used to have a wire shelf with the ability to hang clothes and I didnt like that. I knew  wanted shelving and have been browsing through Pinterest for ideas and saw one I really liked. Of course they used an Ikea shelving, and with Ikea being 2.5 hours away from us, I knew I had to figure out another way. When we were at Home Depot buying paint, we made a quick stop at the Storage/Closet organization isle, and lo & behold, I found exactly what I wanted. A week later, I went to Home Depot and purchased it! Of course I couldn't set it up myself, so I had to wait til John got home from work. This project only caused us $85 (the closet kit and some paint putty), everything else we already had!

After getting the shelf out, it left us with a bunch of holes, so we had to take a quick drive to the hardware store to grab Painter's Putty to cover them up. We didnt get to painting it til the next day cuz we had to wait for the putty to dry. Surprisingly, John let me help paint... for like 5 minutes! What a worry-wart! We had plenty of paint left over from the mural that John just mixed the paints we had to create the grey I wanted. I believe he mixed Behr's Almond Wisp & Antique Tin (with a drop of Ultra Pure White). We didnt have to buy more paint so we made use of what we had. We let the paint dry over-night before getting started on installing the closet!

Pax is like, 'Whats dada up to now Ma?' Lately we've been spending a lot of time in this room and he's probably wondering why! So nosy bubby! 

John ended up having to cut the rods because our closet wasn't long enough. He also made a few minor errors, but I won't call him out on it because it bugged him the entire time! Thats what happens when you get too ahead of yourself mister! BUT! The finish product was just what I envisioned for babyboy's closet! So I'm not complaining at all! Now I think I wanna re-do our closet!

Tada!! So the picture on the left was that same night John completed it. After he cleaned up, I immediately started hanging baby's clothes and before I realized it, John was helping style the shelving area for picture purposes! He knows me too well. ;) I knew I didnt want to leave the shelves open and wanted to either put baskets or bins. We took a trip up north over the weekend and went to Ikea, but I didnt find anything I liked or they were too pricey! So I took a trip to TJ Maxx and Target, no luck there either. Lastly, I ended up at Walmart. I found those bins for $5 each and they matched perfectly! I just ended up adding using tags for labels. Of course things are still going to be moved around, but we just shoved most of the baby stuff in the closet for the meantime. Next up, dresser turned changing table! I have been on the hunt for 3 weeks! Wish me luck!

Materials Used:
1. Closetmaid Selectives in 16" @ Home Depot - $80 (w/ discount)
2.  Paint Putty to cover holes @ Wal Mart - $5
3.  Behr's: Almond Wisp, Antique Tin & Ultra White on White to get the
grey mixture for the wall (left over from previous project)

I'll get into more details on whats in the closet when I do the 'How I organized" the closet. :]


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