Project Nursery: The Mural (Part II)

Sunday, August 02, 2015

We finished the mural! Ok ok, John finished the mural! It took him a few days to finish, but I think he would off knocked it out in one weekend. He started it in the middle of the week and would work on it for an hour or so after work, and on Friday he was on a roll! He was so determined to finish it that he was up til 2 a.m. I helped a few times, but I didn't want to mess anything up so he did 99.9% of the work! Lol Check him out posing in front of his finished product first thing in the morning! Sorry for the poor quality. He couldn't wait to show me! The first thing he said to me was, "Good morning! I finished it! Go look!!" Like a little kid, he was so excited! I couldn't envision it at first, but he pulled it off!! From mixing the paint at just the right amount so that he can have that gradual effect to getting the details on the edges of the mountains! He did amazing! He incorporated all the colors I wanted in it: greys, creams, and white... neutrals at its finest! 

Excuse my face! When I looked at that picture and I was like, "Geez! I look fat!" John always reminds me, "well you are pregnant!" Silly goose, of course I am! I wanted to help him a little bit, but when I actually started to try and work on the ridges, I realized may be I should just stick to watching him do it and snapping photos! Pax stayed upstairs with us the whole time. He wanted to get in on some of the fun too, so of course I made him sit and pose for me. My adorable bubba with his underbite!

Thats me attempting to help paint the bottom part of the mural. I didnt press hard enough so John had to go over a few times to make sure everything was covered! Told you I wasn't that big of a help! Woops! It took John a while to do because he only had one roller brush, it would have taken a lot quicker if he bought a second roller so that I could have worked on painting while he did all the details. I think he did that on purpose so that I wasnt tempted to do any work. With only two rolling brushes and one roller, he had to keep rinsing them out so that it wouldnt mess up the other shades that he mixed. So it really took a lot of the time. Rinsing, waiting for it to dry, blowing drying the brushes and mixing the paints to the right shades. It was tedious work, but not once did I hear him complain!  

The picture above is the inspiration to this mural. The backdrop where the mountains are in silhouettes was what he based his mural from. Isn't it amazing?! John took that photo from our trip to Sutro Baths Ruins in San Francisco during our visit to California. It was one of my favorites as well! I cannot wait to get this nursery done. Next project, the closet! 


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