Quick Weekend Trip: DC Photowalk!

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Drove through 4.5 hours of traffic (I hate the traffic driving up north!) so that my awesome husband can join the Photo Walk with one of his favorite photographers, Trey Ratcliff! He's been so awesome, so I couldn't say no to this opportunity! But before all of that, we had to buy a whole new battery for my Kia! Ugh, money down the drain and we haven't even gotten more than 2 miles out of our neighborhood! My battery hasn't been holding its charge and its died on us twice in a row, and it had died again on us at the gas station just before we were headed off! Luckily we were near our area and was able to get it jumped and John drove it to an auto store to get inspected and replaced. Then off we went, and not even leaving Hampton Roads yet, we already hit traffic. I knew this was going to be a longer drive than usual. Its getting harder to travel with my belly growing. I cant seem to get comfy in the passenger seat anymore. We eventually got to our hotel at around 4pm and John took another road to avoid traffic. We stayed at the Hyatt in Fairfax, Va. I got a free one night with my hotels.com reward. It was perfect cuz it was expiring later this month! That's me taking a quick nap on the bed! ;)

The photos above were from my phone. I didn't haul my bulky dslr because I wasn't in the mood to carry it around my neck for 2 and some hours. John was kind enough to carry around a small foldable stool/cooler so that I can sit every time they stopped. Prior to this trip, I checked with my OB to get the okay to go ahead with our weekend activities. Anyway, check out all the people that showed up. John was so bummed he forgot his tripod! Im sure there will be another photo walk in the near future! I wasnt really paying attention as much as John was because I always sat away from the crowd, while John squeezed his way through them. He's somewhere in that crowd of photographers! There were at-least 200 participants! Mobbin' deep! Ha! The following pictures will be from John's camera.

I still don't understand why it keeps getting pixelated when uploading, it never used to do that! Its kind of irritating but I cant seem to figure out why because I'm saving them the same way and size as my old images! Hmm. Anyway, I think it was a successful photowalk because John's now inspired to take more pictures and try new things! He was all "I said hi to him!" Haha! It was a little intimidating as well to be surrounded by so many great photographers with all of their fancy gears in tow. Form Nikons, Canons, Sonys, Fuji, you name it!! I'm glad John got to participate in this event. As a reward for being so patient, John took me to Honey Pig for a super late dinner (It was 9pm, yikes!). It was so delicious!!! We were surprised at how high my spice tolerance went back up! For a while, I couldn't eat anything too spicy, buts the food was too delicious to pass up!


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