Sew Fun: Bandana Bibs (bibdanas)!!

Monday, August 31, 2015


These were a bit of a challenge to make! Im used to straight lines, I mean just straight no turning the fabric! But I wanted to challenge myself, plus thats the only way I can get better with sewing. The way it scrunches up like that in the middle made it a little challenging to sew, but after the second one, I got the hang of it! These took almost two hours (with a lot of breaks in between) because I had to figure out how to sew a clean line with all this curves, plus all the pinning and cutting and the hammering the snaps! Lol! It was fun though! John came home for a few hours today and took a look at the stuff I've done and these were his favorite! Most of the fabrics I used were extra from the burp cloths, so I didn't have to spend extra, just bought the snaps at Wal-Mart for $2.99 for 10 non-sew snaps. See the tutorial from the link below! :)

Bandana Bibs: Tutorial found here.

I had to print three different size of the bib pattern. The original size is a bit big and I compared it to the size of the store bought bibdanas we had already. Tutorial said we can scale it down to the size we prefer, so thats what I did. I scaled one down at 95% and at 88%, the 95% one was a perfect fit. It fit around my neck just fine, I think the 88% one would fit a newborn perfectly. I was looking at a few other patterns for the bibs, but wanted to try this one out first. There is another tutorial found here, if anyone wants to try something else. I used both cotton and flannel fabrics, the tutorials suggest you use terry cotton, definitely use something absorbent. 

After these two, I was pretty much a pro at this bib making thing. Haha! A friend suggested I could start selling the as well.. But! Good thing I'm not, cuz I know I wont have time to commit to it once baby is here. Plus I'll be working again soon until first week of December, and between work and photography, plus getting all these baby stuff prepped, its definitely enough to keep me busy to help make time pass by a little quicker! 


Btw, those snaps were a punk to put on! I couldn't figure it out at first, and didnt realize I needed to hammer it because it came with a little tool. Maybe I should have read the instruction first! Ha! So I was hammering away at 9pm last night trying to get those snaps on! I hope my neighbors didn't hear it! Next on my list, multi-purpose nursing covers, then blankets! I still have to order the fabrics, one of them I'm going to get custom printed on a fabric of choice. I can't wait to see how those turn out! Stay tuned!!

Buying all these gears and baby stuff are already pretty expensive and they all add up. So being able to sew some is not only saving us money, but its fun and rewarding to be able to make things for yourself or your baby!  I think if you have time, to definitely try it out! Ive never sewn before until 2 years ago, and I'm still learning, but the more I do it, the more I get excited to tackle on new projects! Between all these, I've already saved a ton! I think Ive spent roughly $55 on all the materials and fabric to make a bunch of things, when a blanket alone that I wanted was $45! So I really think you've got nothing to lose! Just look up what coupons these stores have that week and take advantage of the savings. Plus most of them have good deals in store anyway, and dont forget to check the clearance section and think outside the box! ;]

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