Sew Fun: Burp Cloths!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


So this isn't project nursery related so I had to figure out another category for this, since I started with Sew Fun as the title of the other post I did, I figured i'd continue with it. Today post is on the DIY Burp Cloth I made. Sewing has been addicting this past week. I haven't sewed this much since, I cant even remember! When I said I was on a roll, I meant it! The past few mornings, after I do my morning routines, I take an hour or so to do some sewing. I've looked around for affordable burp cloths and pacifier clips that I really liked. One burp cloth that I liked was about $13 for a pack of 3 or 4 and a custom made paci clip on Etsy runs from $5.50+ each! So one morning I thought, "let me just go ahead and try and make them!" So I went to my handy dandy go-to: Pinterest to find some inspos!

Burp Cloths: Find tutorial here.

The burp cloth tutorial I went off of is from the link above, and then just adjusted to my liking. Below are images of materials and fabrics I used. I bought my fabrics from Jo-Ann's through sales and discounts as well as Wal-Mart's fabrics section.

I mustve been back and forth at Jo-Ann's fabric this whole week taking advantage of their sales plus 2 50% of coupons one regular price item, and a 20% off your entire purchase. I didnt know you can use them all at the same time! So I came back another day and bought more materials for whatever else I was planning on making!! I wont bore you with the steps since I provided the link above. I swear its that simple! I also finally purchased a cutting board using a coupon of course! ;) So i got that big 'ol board for $12! Its making cutting a lot quicker cuz I can finally put the rotary cutter I bought a while back to good use!

This is my arts & crafts/sewing area in our office. I'm in the process of re-organizing some stuff and getting more drawers to put under the table because items keep getting added on! As you can see, I have a pretty basic Singer sewing machine. I have yet to learn what all the other functions are in this machine. Slowly, but surely! I just figured out another pattern for the thread part and I was pretty amazed by it! Haha! 


So I ended up not using one of the original fabrics and added that Mickey one I got from Hancock Fabrics! This was a whole different trip! I was literally at the fabric stores 4 times this past week! John was laughing at me at some point because he said I was addicted. No sir, just making sure I took advantage of all the good coupons this week! He actually joined me on one of the trips. Anyways, Hancock had a 20% off your entire purchase coupon. So I went over there after thinking of more things I can sew up! I went straight for the clearance section and was oh so happy to find exactly the fabric and design I was looking for! I found a bunch of fabrics, mostly on clearance or the remnant section! Stay tuned for those! ;) I found a yard of Minky fabric for $3, normally $14.99 a yard! And it was just the color I needed for the blanket I'm making. Now I have two minky fabrics! I bought a bunch of jersey knits for $3/yd, and a striped jersey knit for $4 for 1.5 yards! It was definitely a good day! 

Oh! And remember that 'compass' inspired pillow I tried to draw out the other day? Yeah, I ended up re-doing the case and had John draw it out for me instead. He's a perfectionist so I knew it was gonna turn out a lot better than mine! Luckily, i had enough extra fabric to make another pillow case! Whew! Im using the old one as a rag because the sharpie scent was giving me a headache! I ended up purchasing a fabric marker since we plan on making a wall banner for the nursery. And this time, I will NOT attempt to do any of the writing/drawing, leaving those to John! 

See how much better it looks now than it did a few days ago? See previous tutorial here. It was really bugging me! I'm so glad John could save the day! Lol! After it dried and we put the pillow on it he was all "Damn! it looks store bought! I wonder who did that?" Haha! Silly goose! 

Materials I Used for Burp Cloth:
1 Pack of 10- Gerbers Pre-Folded diaper and burp cloth - $13 @ Wal-Mart. 
6 Different types of fabric - If you're buying by the yard, a quarter is fine, you can use a quarter to make couple burp cloths or use it for other projects like a pacifier clip ;) - Price varied: as low as $0.25 - $2.00.
4 1/4 in x 17in cardboard - I used a cereal box, but after the third one, I just winged it and didnt use the card board anymore - FREE! ;p
Scissors/rotary cutter
Sewing Machine
Cutting board

Happy sewing,

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