Sew Fun: Pacifier Clips!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

[So I schedule all these blog post, but forget to hit publish instead of save and when I view my blog I always wonder why it never shows up! 'Hello Jenn! You might wanna hit publish!?" Woops!]


Today's sew fun post features these oh-so easy diy pacifier clips! Remember I mentioned that these bad boys sell for $5.50 each on Etsy? I made these from scrap fabric I had from making burp cloths and bandana bibs! The braided paci clip (very far right) I did sometime last month, I have more of those leather and suede cords in different colors that I will be putting together once I get the sewing madness out of my system! Lol!
Pacifier Clips: Tutorial found here

So I dont know if you've noticed but there are two different clips: the black round ones and these ones above. I was going to get more of those black ones but at $3.99 for 2, I tried to see if there was another way to do this, and I kept walking and finally saw those Ironing Board fasteners at Jo-Anns for $4.99 and I had a 50% off coupon so $2.50 for 8! I just cut off the garters! Score!! You can also order some on Etsy in different colors and sizes. The one I was looking at was $4.50 for 10, but I wanted to make them now! So I opted for the iron board fasteners, cuz I couldnt wait for shipping!! Impatient, I know. But maybe for the next set I do, since I like the round ones a lot more cuz they come in different colors. Those suede and leather cords I already had, the suede ones I found at Wal-Mart for $4 (a lot cheaper than Michaels!), the leather ones I bought at Michaels a while back for $4(using a 50% coupon, it was original $8, yikes!), and that braided cord was bought at Hancock fabrics for $1 for whole yard! I used them for the ends of the paci clips. As usual, I've linked the tutorial I used above so you can head over there to get the step by steps. :) 

So these are the burp cloths and paci "sets" ive done. I've made a few gift ones for a friend who's also expecting this winter! Stay tuned for the bandana bibs (bibdanas) that I have been working on as well. I'll be sewing a lot this week because John will be away, so I cant wait to share those with everyone! 

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