24 WEEKS: Sweet Tooth galore!

Thursday, September 03, 2015


I am the luckiest mommy-to-be to have a photographer husband to take all my maternity and pregnancy related pictures (or any pictures in general! Ha!). Everything I want documented during this pregnancy has definitely been documented (both video and photos)!! I love beach maternity sessions, but since the sun doesn't set in the east, we opted to do a sunrise session instead and I am so glad we did! It was breathtaking!! We both only got about 5 hours of sleep, but it was worth getting up at 4:45 am and driving 40 minutes for! This was actually last minute and we just decided on it the day before. John agreed because he really wanted to try out the new time-lapse update on his camera. We brought Paxybubs along with us. We got to the beach at 6pm and the sun didnt rise til about 6:30ish. John snapped a few pictures before it officially rose, and we just sat there and watched it. Pax had a blast too! I definitely want to do it again before summer officially ends and it gets too cold to be out at the beach that early! 


Baby Size: Garden Eggplant (according to the Ovia app!)

Current Cravings: I dont crave anything specific anymore, but this week I have definitely had the sweet tooth!! I've made Pizookie (for those who doesnt know what that is, its a cookie baked in a deep dish with icream on top) about 4 times this past week! Oh my goodness! Soooo bad, but sooo good! The chewy gewey goodness! My sweet tooth has been on another level this past week Truffles, turon, Almond Rocha, sixlets... =X

Weight gain/lost: To be honest, I haven't checked lately. I've been pre-occupied with other things.

The Bump: Is getting bigger! Im almost an outtie! I officially can't see my feet when I look straight down! I dont feel too huge yet, but its definitely gotten bigger. I put on the black pencil skirt I wore at 18 weeks and boy oh boy was it uncomfortably tight on me and it stretches too! 

Movements: He's definitely been a wiggler! Although he didnt move much the time we did the sunrise session. I was a little worried, but of course thats just me being a worry wart as always. But he's definitely been dancin around in my belly! He's even starting to fistbump my rib area. It hurts like heck! I also hurts when he's really low and is around my pelvic area. It gives me this weird feeling down there! Haha!

Sleep: I'm back to my normal 7-8 hours, sometimes 9! Ever since we got the black-out curtains I've been getting much better sleep. I also started using Honest Company's "breath easy" rub because my nose tends to get stuffy at night. Also, John and I switched spots on the bed, it was weird at first, but now Im so comfortable in that spot that Im not sure if Im gonna be able to switch back with him! Every night he'll ask if he can have his spot back. Sorry buddy, not gonna happen any time soon! 

Looking Forward To: seeing more noticeable movements on my belly! I'm seeing more now compared to the past few weeks and its the best thing ever! I love when I see my tummy move, that just means his movements are getting stronger! 

Meaningful moments: Our sunrise session! It was so beautiful. I loved hanging at the beach with my three boys and watching how happy and carefree Pax looked running around! I wish we would have done that more often this past summer. I'm a morning person when I want to be! Haa! My favorite part was when John was in the middle of taking my pictures and Pax would run to me and make sure that I am ok but as soon as the waves would hit the shore, he would run away! We also got some snaps with Pax. I cant wait to post the rest!

Dada's Thoughts: This may come later, because he isn't home to blog. =\ So i'll insert it or we'll skip it this week or maybe he can do a separate blog! Whichever works!



Decided to share a few more! Once I get a chance to look through all of it and give John a chance to edit some, then I'll post some more! I didn't even have to do much to the photos, just fixed white balance and increased exposure and contrast a tad bit, other than that its pretty raw. That soft glow is amazing! "Magic" hour is definitely my favorite hour, both sunrise and sunset! I can not wait for our fall one!! We're planning on doing a family one as well. I've asked my friend to do it for us and I'm going to do theirs, so its a tradesies! ;]


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