25 Weeks: Feeling gassy!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I haven't been able to blog lately! There has been so many things that require my attention and by the end of the day I am just too pooped to even open up my laptop! This week I have been busy planning the baby shower. We're hosting it since my family isnt here to help; however, I have my two girlfriends who are helping me with some planning and hosting! Aside from that, I have also been trying to get the nursery a little more organized and finishing up some of the sewing. I still can't believe we have a crib in the house!!  

This week, I have been super gassy. Its a little embarrassing sometimes because I'll have to let air out when Im in the store and I get scared it'll be super loud! I've also been burping a lot, or atleast trying to, sometimes it doesnt want to come out! 

I also had my glucose test last Friday and finally got the results back. Glucose test came back normal, but I'm mildly anemic; therefore, I have to take iron supplements on top of my prenatal. I was already told my count was low earlier in the second tri, I was also diagnosed with anemia back in 7th grade, so I guess its no surprise to me. I just hate worrying. So now Im taking Vitron-C with my prenatals. I started noticing that my stomach would hurt at night, so now Im gonna spread them apart and take the iron pills in the afternoon and the prenatals after dinner. 

Lastly, FOOTBALL SEASON is back!!! My jersey fits a little snug, but Im gonna make it work for as long as I can! Otherwise, I'd have to steal John's shirts! Ha! Our Chargers played the Lions today, and the first half worried me! BUT the boys came through during the second half and finished off with a victory! What a comeback that was!! They dont normally show our games on tv, so we have to find other ways to keep updated or even watch. We normally head to Bdubs for our games, but that gets expensive! lol

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