26 Weeks: Bloody nose!

Friday, September 18, 2015


Baby Size: Butternut Squash (according to the Ovia app!)

Current Cravings: APPLE JACKS!! Weirdly enough, I finished a brand new box of cereal within 4 days, and that NEVER happens in this household! Ive also finished a gallon of milk in 6 days... and for anyone that knows me well, Im not a big milk drinker!! This little one has definitely got me craving things I wouldn't normally eat!

Weight gain/lost: I think I've gained 2 lbs since the last doctors appoint, I forgot. I dont normally keep track anymore. I should though, especially within the 3rd trimester sneaking in on us!

The Bump: Is bigger and rounder and heavier! 

Movements: I still have days where he's not as active, but he has definitely let me know he's there. I no longer worry too much because he moves quite a bit at night and thats when I know he's just been sleeping all day! His kicks and movements are becoming harder and stronger and sometimes painful! =X

Sleep: Ehh, some nights I sleep really well, and some nights I toss and turn and can not for the life of me find a comfy spot, which keeps me up at night. 

Looking Forward To: the third trimester! In just a couple of weeks we will officially hit our last trimester! I still cant believe we've gotten this far!! That also means, the year is flying by like a speed of light! Im sure I'll be saying the opposite a month before due date. People tell me it slows down the last month! lol

Meaningful moments: Times when John snuggles up with my tummy and it catches me off guard. He'll just start rubbing it and talking or singing to him. Its the sweetest thing to watch. Gives me so many feels! LOL! It was also his birthday this week, and although we didn't do anything grand, I am just glad we got to spend some time together! 

I also got my first nose bleed this week! It wasn't the typical dripping out of my nose type of deal, but my nose was definitely bleeding. It happened just as John left for work and I got up to blow my nose and lo and behold, bright red bloody mucus comes out of it! (TMI, sorry) I freaked out! So I called John and he said "dont worry, its okay, just sit up keep your head elevated." I know nose bleeds are somewhat normal during pregnancy because Ive read about it before, but jeez! I could have had a warning or something! Haha Since that morning, I've had 3-4 other incidents. They're never the ones that drip. It may be because my nose is dry and sometimes feels stuffy. I will definitely be asking about it on my next doc visit! 

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