A handy dandy new tech for this Mama!

Thursday, September 17, 2015


So I took the plunge and bought a Sony Alpha! I have been back and forth and contemplating for months whether or not I want to go ahead and purchase my own. I decided not to get it, until this good deal came along! I was scrolling through OfferUp, as I do at least once a week, and the a6000 popped up for $350! That rarely ever happens! We were JUST at the Nex during the weekend and I turned down the sale they had for it, for $749 for the bundle. I didnt really need a bundle. I just needed a small enough camera that takes amazing photos for everyday use, because we all know how bulky a Nikon d600 is! So I contemplated all morning until John got off and asked for his opinion since he already owns a Sony a7r (the full frame mirrorless dslr model). And he said go for it, its a good deal! So I offered to buy it for $300, and was afraid the guy would turn me down! Nope, he accepted and off we went to meet him at Town Center. Prior to paying for the camera, I had John inspect and test out the camera. It came with the 16-50mm lens, 8g memory stick, international plugs, and a case. I was so excited! The a6000 is the cropped version of John's camera! He hogs it when were out or traveling, so now I have my own to use and the best part, we can share lenses again! I still have my Nikon d600, thats for business use. I call it my money maker! ;] I snapped that picture of John after I officially owned it! 


I am loving it so far! I just snapped a few photos before we headed back to the car! I can't wait! Blog photos will definitely be a lot better (vs. using my phone all the time) or using John's camera. His files are always so huge and my Nikon is usually tucked away in my camera bag, so sometimes I get lazy to grab it! Ha! It was tough going out and spending the money on this because baby funds are the priority, but I had some cash put aside. Plus!  I've been selling a few stuff on OfferUp as well, and have broke even already. I sold 2 old canon cameras that I used to use for vlogging ($200), and is in the process of selling our Nikon d90 plus two lenses ($500), and other knick knacks that I no longer use. So I didn't really spend money on this, as I like to think of it. lol!


Aside from that new tech, our Bubba boy got a hair cut! Doesn't he look so handsome?! Im usually not a fan of the bandanas they put on him, but I am loving this one! Dada loves whales, so it was perfect in honor of John's birthday!

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