DIY: Hand Stamps & Swaddle Blankets

Sunday, September 06, 2015


This diy was a quick and easy one, at least my part was. John had to make the stamps using potatoes!! When I first saw the diy stamped swaddle blanket tutorials, a lot of them used potatoes as stamps! What a clever idea! I was originally going to use craft foam! Ive been following some shops that sells stamped swaddles but they were roughly around $26+ each, and of course with that price tag, I figured this would be something we could make as well. Luckily, I have an artistic husband who is always so willing to give me a hand with any of the crazy craft ideas I have. 


He's usually more excited looking than this. It was 10pm and he already had a few drinks. I was a little worried because he was buzzin' and wasn't sure how the stamps were gonna turn out! But they turned out pretty darn good!! He didn't even use a stencil or drew it out first, he straight up freehanded it and carved away! He's pretty amazing, I tell ya! 


I only asked him to do two for the night because he wanted to finish watching Game of Thrones (yeah, we finally got around to catching up on it). It took him 15 minutes to do both. When he handed it to me, I said "that was quick!" While he watched, I got all my materials together and started stamping away. Take note, this was at 11pm at night. It took me about an hour and a half to get done, and after I was finished I just hung them on our bar stool to let dry over night before ironing and setting it.


I used multi-surface craft paint because it was good for fabric as well, but it wasn't as expensive! $0.99 vs $3.99! I wanted to stick with mainly blacks, and had some pops of gold and turquoise (John chose those colors). We have a drawer full of crafts paint, but we didn't have a multi-surface one! I decided to go this route instead of actual stamp pad because I can control how much ink to use on the stamp. Oh! One tip I read, was to make sure you pre-wash as well as iron before washing so that it sets and it doesn't fade. I finished the mountain and the arrow one the same night and then whale one in the morning. I wasn't aware that John had a thing for whales as a kid, so I dedicated one of the swaddles to him. The whale stamp he made was so adorable! After they have dried, I ironed them before hemming the edges. I love how they turned out! The mountain and arrows are sticking with the nursery theme. I purposely stamped some of them lightly to give them different variations. Now we've got to practice swaddling! 

Materials I Used: 

  • Gauze Cotton Fabric (these are what most swaddle blankets are made of, which is weird because it says Muslin. I bought 3 1/4 yards, the arrow one is the biggest.) - $4.00/yd @ Hancock Fabrics (it was 50% off, plus I had a 15% discount)
  • Craftsmart & Americana Multi Surface Craft Paint - $0.99 ea @ Michaels 
  • Potatoes (to carve and use as stamp)
  • Xacto Knife (to use to carve)
  • Foam brushes (to apply ink, instead of ink pad)
  • Cardboard (to put underneath the fabric when stamping)
Total Spent: $15. Certainly beats paying $26+ per hand-stamped swaddles! 


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