DIY: Our 'Passport to Parenthood' baby shower invitations!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Our baby shower invitations have been sent out!! We did both e-vite and actual physical hard copies for relatives back home. I started drafting the insert of the card a month ago and finished it about a week ago. I was almost going to buy a digital copy for $15, but I thought I'd try and see what I can do with photoshop since I know asking my sister, who's a graphic design student, wont be a good idea since she's been a busy bee! So thats what I came up with up there. I thought of the 'passport' idea just last week because I didn't want to just send out that one piece of paper. So I took a trip to Michaels and bought Kraft paper and envelopes. Just my luck, cuz they were on sale for 5 for $10!! So I bought all sorts of card stocks! 


I wasn't sure how I was going to go about the 'passport' part, so I went back on Photoshop and messed with it and came up with that set up. I thought it was cute and simple, so I went ahead and got them printed at Kinkos. I only got 20 printed because boy, its pricey! I printed extras at home though, but I was super low on ink so it wasn't as great! John helped with the cutting, and I put them together the next day. I sat on the living floor and worked on putting these invitations together for about 2 hours. From making the left side registry card holder, to cutting up the washi tape I had to decorate the envelope! I knew these washi tapes would come in handy one day! Ive had them for a while and just never knew what to use them for! 

The next day, after I had put all the invitations together and finished washi taping the envelopes, I had John write the names on the envelopes! The most brilliant idea ever, cuz he did it so artistically! I would have just wrote it with my regular hand writing and not get all fancy shmancy! He wrote on 20 envelopes that day before calling it quits and the rest I just did myself the next day because he was at work and I wanted to send them out already. 


I think they turned out real cute! I wasn't sure at first how I wanted it to look like just knew it had to be travel/adventure related! Now that invitations are out, time to get to the real planning! Its been a little overwhelming planning my own shower. This is when I wish we were at home (in San Diego that is) because I know my sister would have thrown it/planned it for me. But the plus side is, I have all the say in the creative aspects of it, the bad side.. I wish there was more of me. I also dont like to call and bother people, so I try to do it on my own. The girls said they'd help, but I probably wont ask for help 'til the week of. Im not doing much during the day anyway. Plus I havent really taken any jobs with the subbing, but I will in the next week. 

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