DIY: Sign/Banner

Monday, September 28, 2015


John finally got started on the banner I wanted him to do. We all know that when it comes to writing or wannabe calligraphy, I am at level 0. Haha! I wasn't sure what quote I wanted so I had him choose between several and he chose this. This quote was part of our pregnancy announcement, so I guess it worked out! He sketched different designs before going with this one. He didn't love it, but I did! After he was done, I let the fabric marker dry over night before finishing it off. I ended up cutting the ends into an upside down triangle before sewing it up. This was one of the quickest diy's we did and is just one of out two banners he'll be making for the nursery. :)

Materials Used:
1/3 yard of Muslin fabric - the canvas ones
Fabric Marker
Wooden sticks (i forgot what they were called)
Twine rope

Total Cost: $1.00 (for the fabric), everything else we had from previous projects


I gotta give Pax the furbaby some blog lovin! He has been very protective of me lately and has been loving to cuddle his baby bro. I mean he used to do it before but he does it all the time now without me having to call him over. He's also loving the new tribal blanket that John bought. We have so much throws on the cough that each one of us has our own! I've also been catching John and Pax snuggling in the cutest ways on the couch lately, usually after we do projects or get chores done. When baby H comes, we're still going to make sure that Pax gets as much loving as he needs. We said we'd take turns playing with him. If I had the baby John would be incharge of giving Pax attention and vice versa. He's our first bubs, and nothing is going to change, we're just adding another member to our family! :)

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