Getting some fresh air!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


I've sorta been cooped up in the house the for a couple days because I haven't been in the mood to go out, and when John gets home during the week he just wants to stay home and relax. So when he got off work on Sunday, we headed out to get some fresh air! We had no where specific in mind, just wanted to get out. We were going to head to the air show, but instead we ended up at the park before heading to a friends house afterwards to visit and help her put up curtains :]


We checked out one of the parks we liked to see if the leaves have changed colors. Its one of my favorite locations to do a session during the fall season! It hasn't completey changed colors yet, but it is getting there! Give it a few more weeks, Im sure by mid October it'll be ready for my fall sessions! When we got there, there were a bunch of people kayaking and I got a little jealous because we haven't done too many outdoorsy things like that all summer. But its okay, we'll make up for it next year. Before heading to the parks, we ate some Korean food because I started craving it when a friend I was talking to that morning mention KBBQ! Oh my goodness! The original spot we go to was closed and I started tearing up in the car. I was seriously crying. John was like "you dont have to cry! We can go somewhere else!" He just doesn't understand the struggle, the hormones and the cravings all in one and its messing with me! We were almost going to grab some sushi (dont worry I only order the cooked ones!), but decided to try a new Korean spot we havent been to. Eh, it was okay, not the best, but I guess it somewhat satisfied my craving. Nothing beats your usual spots though, right?!


I still have my "selfie" game on point! I haven't taken a selfie with an actual camera in a long long time because most of the time the cameras we bring out have prime lenses on them and its never really wide enough of an angle! So tested it with the a6000 and the 16-50mm lens, and selfie game was on point! John's out of focus, or bokeh, but thats okay, im the main focus anyway! Bahaha! Kidding! Check him out though, looking handsome as always! Gahd, I can't wait to see who this baby will look like! I hope its a mix of the both of us, but I have a feeling he'll look a lot like John as a kid, which I don't mind at all because he was such a cute baby! I was also glad I got to wear this jumpsuit again. Ive only worn it twice. Once before I knew I was pregnant, and another time during my first trimester and have been avoiding it because my tummy have gotten bigger. I really wanted to wear it again, so I paired with a fitted shirt underneath cuz my boobs have gotten bigger than it was pre-pregnancy and they were popping out! Ha! I think it worked out. :]

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