Itty bitty baby clothes!

Saturday, September 05, 2015

I've taken a little break from doing any baby diy. Last time I sewed was on Wednesday because I spent most of Thursday cleaning and catching up on editing so that I can send off the galleries Ive been working on, and organizing baby H's closet! John also came back Friday at 4am! I was so excited I only got about 4.5 hours of sleep because I had a doctors appointment at 9am that morning! I was so exhausted, the fun part, I had to do my glucola test. Yikes! Luckily, they recently started doing the 1hr test and no fasting! Thank goodness! The actual drink didn't taste as bad as everyone made it seem, the fact I had to chug that bottle within those few minutes nearly made me gag! She handed it to me and I thought I could sit out and drink it until I asked and she said "no, drink all that here right now." So i took a few sips at first, before chugging the whole thing. So sweet! I waited in the waiting area for an hour before getting my blood drawn and then met with an ob/gyn for my routine check up! All went well! Baby H kicked the heartrate monitor as soon as the doc put it on my tummy! It was hilarious! It startled the doc and she started laughing and said, "jeez! That was a strong kick!!" Heart rate is at 150 bpm! Healthy sounding wiggling baby, just what I love to hear! :]


The house is slowly filling up with baby items and clothes have definitely been a few of them! That picture is my second load of baby laundry! Second load, already?! I like to do separate loads for him and not mix it in with ours because I use Dreft (stage 1: newborn) laundry detergent! Oh my goodness, it smells so good!! It's been really weird doing baby laundry! I'm still trying to get used to folding them. Actually the onesies that go in the drawer, I roll up so its easier to spot. Most of his clothes are hung. I've only laundered clothes I've bought second hand. Crazy how quickly they've piled up! But those onesies were $1.00 each and leggings were $0.50 each! It definitely beats paying $5.00 a piece! I've been mostly buying a bunch of newborn/3months second hand because I know how quickly he'll grow out of them! Some of the stuff I've bought still had tags on them, so its definitely a steal! 


I mostly do the baby shopping so its cute when John gets baby some cute items or helps pick them out! Dada's got style, so I have no doubt this kid will be fashionable. Of course his first few months will be nothing but sleepers, onesies, and all wrapped up. The above pictures are just a few of the ones John has bought for baby H, plus Pax laying on some the fleece ones! I don't blame him, those things are so soft and comfy! All the Carter clothes (box 1 and 4) were bought yesterday at the Williamsburg outlet. They were having a labor day sale and everything in store were 50-60% off plus an extra 15 or 25% off! Most of the 3 months clothes we've been getting are winter ready because obviously, this little one will be a December baby and the winters can get pretty chilly here! I was so happy to find the Fair Isle fleece sleepers and the moose one at the outlet for $6 a piece (with all the discounts). I had added them on the registry and they were $10 each, as well as the My First Christmas set! The bigger clothes (box 2) were from H&M from a few weeks ago. I'm not really fond of buying retail, but John insisted and its not like he shops for him all the time, so I said why not. That has been the only thing we've paid full retail for! 


This one we found at Carter's a few weeks ago and was on sale for $10. I saw it at the NEX before but they didn't have the size I needed so I was so happy to find it in the right size! Definitely sticking with the whole adventure theme! He also has one that says "mommy's little traveler" and it has airplanes on them from Babies R Us! I can't wait for him to wear all of this. I hope he puts all of his clothes to good use, if not I'll definitely be selling them at those consignment stores I've been shopping at! 

Well, dada and I are gonna get to crafting! We're making potato stamps for the swaddle blankets I'm making! I'll definitely be blogging about that! :]


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