28 Weeks: Hello Third Trimester!

Saturday, October 03, 2015


Ahhh! We entered our final trimester on Monday! I feel like it was just yesterday that we announced our pregnancy! So insane how fast this pregnancy (and the year) has gone by! Since the nursery is almost done, we decided that we'd start doing our weekly bump updates in there from now on.

Baby Size: Large Eggplant (according to the Ovia app!)

Current Cravings: Nothing specific this week. I'm pretty much open to whatever. I'll have certain cravings during the day, but nothing that sticks out. 

Weight gain/lost: I just had my doctors appointment yesterday and I've gained 7lbs since my last appointment 4 weeks ago. It's definitely all belly. I am starting to notice that my face is getting rounder and plumpier. 

The Bump: Is bigger and rounder and heavier! I don't realize how big it's gotten til we do these weekly updates, thats why I'm so glad we do them! 

Movements: He's definitely a lot more active now. I mean he's moving all day, all night. I love it though because its such a reassuring feeling when I feel those quick kicks and those slow wavy movements. My favorite is when he moves slowly in waves and then suddenly just pauses for a quick second, its uncomfortable for me, but he makes one side of my tummy bulge out and then I just rub it and he moves. Sometimes I assume I'm rubbing his back or his head or his elbow. Its so hard and I love feeling him. Its a type of connection that I just can't seem to put into words. He has several different types of movements: quick jabs, slow wavy movements, and then theres ones where I feel like he's doing jumping jacks, and then theres the ones where it feels like he just did a quick stretch because I can feel him on my pelvic area and my ribs or my upper abdomen at the same time. There's days where I get caught off guard and just start laughing. He still wont let me record him, but one of these days I will catch him! He's such a ham already!

I'm also starting to feel hiccups, or at-least I think they are! I started noticing them earlier in the week, but Im sure he's been hiccuping for weeks now. Its like a pulsating and rhythmic feeling. At first I thought it was little kicks but it went on for a while. I love when I feel new movements and try to figure out what they are. 

Sleep: Ehh, as long as I get at least 6 hours, I'm fine. I no longer take naps during the day, which I should because there are times where I just feel so exhausted but I just cant seem to take a nap because the long list of things to do starts to run through my mind and I just end up getting up and getting them done. The longest nap I've taken lately is about 40 minutes, better than nothing I guess. 

Looking Forward To: Our baby shower! It was suppose to be this month, but with all the schedule changes at John's work we had to move it to the first weekend in November! I can't wait to celebrate with family & friends, although I wish both our immediate families were here! I still have a lot of prepping to do for the party, but I'm excited to see how my vision turns out! 

Meaningful moments:  I was offered a full-time position earlier in the week, but had to regretfully turn it down. It was so hard and I was so tempted to accept it, but my parents reassured me that everything will be okay and that we, as a family will make it work. I am so glad for their constant love, support and guidance. There is never a day where I don't hear from them via text, call, face-time. My mom has been working a lot of overtime to help with baby funds and I appreciate her so much for it. She doesn't have to do it, I never asked her, but thats the kind of parents they are. I can only wish to give them the life they deserve when I actually have a stable career. Another favorite this week was when we were face-timing one night and my parents kept saying Hi to the baby and baby H would actually move and respond to their voices! I want him to get used to their voices as well because they will be one of the first people he will be around. 

Im not a fan of: With baby H getting bigger and more active, it also means new symptoms. This week I started having horrible acid refluxes and mild heartburns. I hate the feeling! Its so uncomfortable! Allergies have also come back! It attacked me real bad yesterday! Luckily I didn't have to go into work because I had a doctors appointment. 

I miss: being able to bend down! I've come to the point where John has to now help me put my pants on, my socks, or my shoes or anything that requires me to bend when getting dress. I feel so dependent and Im not used to it! 

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