29 Weeks: Separation Anxiety!

Sunday, October 11, 2015


We started off with a lazy Sunday type of morning and this weeks bump update pictures shows it! It was around 7 am when I started to feel baby moving around in my tummy and it woke me. I laid there for a good 15 minutes before John turned to face me and slowly opened his eyes. I love waking up next to him, especially after not being able to the previous day. John and I like to lay in bed for a while after waking up on the weekends and just talk and most of the time give Pax some morning lovin'! We got up at almost 9 a.m. to eventually get the day started. John made pancakes for breakfast while I quickly finished off some sewing projects. After breakfast, John decided to mow the lawn and kill the weeds, and we just hung out before heading out.

This week, I have been having major separation anxiety. I started having it towards the end of second trimester, but this week was bad. It might be because I know he wont be home very much this month. I start having anxiety as soon as he gets up for work, to the point where I just wanna cry. I tease him that maybe its the baby thats making me so attached because I have been doing this whole long hours and crazy schedules for the past 8.5 years! I've learned to not let them phase me anymore, but goodness gracious! I can't seem to control my emotions lately! I know, I know, its the hormones! Darn those hormones!

With the bump getting bigger and heavier, doing simple things like picking up something I dropped off the floor is a struggle! I squat down to pick it up, and then sometimes I dont have the momentum to get back up! Sometimes I just sit all the way down and roll over to my knees and push myself up. Also! I've been noticing how much of a messy eater I have been! I've never been a messy eater, but oh my goodness, I feel like the bigger I get the messier I am! Every time I eat now, I drop something and I dont even notice it til I get up and look down at my shirt and there's crumbs or stain marks on my shirt. Its ridiculous! No matter how careful I am when eating, you can guarantee there will be something on my shirt at the end of that meal!

I have also been very clumsy lately. That could be because I am now front heavy and off balanced! John now likes to wait for me at the stairway when we go up for bed because he likes to help me up the stairs by pushing my butt up so I don't have too much weight down there. Its kind of sweet and funny, but it works! Going up and down those stairs are a nightmare, but I guess its my work out. I'm seriously out of breathe after the 3rd time. Thats why when I go up to get something I have to make a list of what I need so that I dont have to go back up for a while, but with pregnancy brains, sometimes I tend to forget and then up and down I go! Its worse when I have to go up to the third floor! Lets not even go there! Haha!

I love that I have John to help me document this pregnancy because he is able to capture me when I feel my prettiest and the not so glamorous, like when I am just getting up to get the day started without all the make up and all. I'm still in awe at the fact that we are now going in to the 30's. I still think back to earlier in the year when I was going through tests and exams to figure out why we were having trouble conceiving, and now here I am sitting typing this as the baby moves around in my tummy. It's a crazy beautiful feeling!


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