31 Weeks: Heartburn!

Sunday, October 25, 2015


This week's main menace was heartburn and acid reflux!! It has been bothering me all week! I was told that the more heartburn you have, the more hair the baby has. That better be right, cuz this heartburn better be worth the pain! Im kidding, of course all these pain and symptom is worth it! There really isnt much of an update from the previous week, aside from the heartburns. 

We did our fall maternity and family maternity session this week, and that may be the only thing that has really stood out. I know I'm starting get lame with these updates. Plus John is gone all week, again and Im just not in the mood to blog at the moment. I just feel like Im being so repetitive! I promise, I'll do a more meaningful one soon. :)

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