Baby's first set of wheels: Britax B-Ready!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Our travel system was delivered this week and I have been so eager to put it together but John has been busy at work and he finally got a chance to put it together when he came home this morning! They were delivered separately, the infant carseat came earlier in the week and the stroller was delivered yesterday.  First the crib felt unreal, now the travel system? Ah! Thanks to my wonderful in-laws (John's mom, stepdad and siblings) for the wonderful set of wheels! Babyboy is so spoiled! 


Tada! John modeling our travel system! The thing covering the carseat is a multi-purpose nursing cover I made a few months ago, stay tuned for the tutorial! Who would've thought that we'd be pushing a stroller at the end of this year?! Neither of us did! Anyway, we went with the Britax brand because we heard nothing but good things about them. Most of the mommy friends we have that own a Britax have the B-Agile, but I fell in love with the B-Ready when I saw it while running errands at the mall. This mommy walked in the elevator the same time as me pushing the B-Ready and I immediately fell in love! We never got a chance to test it out in store because no stores here had it! So we went with our gut feeling and just hoped for the best, but if it was anything like the B-Agile, we knew we'd like it, so we added it to the registry!  I was really wanting the more expensive ones like, Orbit baby, Bugaboo or even the Uppababy, but I always gotta be practical and realistic! Although were fortunate enough to have both sets of grandparents to be so giving, we couldn't see anyone spending over $1k for a travel system! So the Britax was a perfect alternative! 

When John first took the stroller out of the box we were laughing at how huge the wheels were! The bigger the wheels the better I guess! Lol! We are loving how smooth of a ride it is and although it is a little bulkier than we expected, the ease of use is superb! Of course at first we had to figure out how it worked, but once we figured it out, it was easy peasy. I love the urban look to it. Im sure we can use it for both jogging and strolling around. I also like that you can buy different accessories for it, like a bassinet if you wanted to, and also convert it to a double stroller later on by buying the adapters to it. Also the handle is adjustable, since there's a big difference in height between John and I, thats definitely a plus! I love love love that it doesn't feel flimsy at all! There were several strollers we tried out in store that just felt so flimsy, like it was going to fall apart! We havent really had a chance to really take out for a test drive besides around the house, but I am certain this will hold up for a very long time! 


One of Baby H's godfathers stopped by in the middle of John putting the stroller together, and thats them up there trying to figure out what certain things were for. It was cute because they were so determined to figure it out! I kept saying read the manual, but they ignored me and wanted to figure it out for themselves. After our friend left, John figured it out. It was to fold the stroller! Silly boys! After John figured out all the configurations of the stroller, he taught me how to set up and fold. It literally is a click and go kind of thing. No hassle, nothing. I can't wait to take baby H for a stroll in this!


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