Hunt Club Farm!

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Pumpkin patch! Its been 3 years since we've gone to one. We had some spare time to kill before a photography session we had to do later that afternoon, so off to Hunt Club Farm we went! I really wanted to check out Bergey's but they're closed on Sundays! We didn't pick any pumpkins this year, but we're definitely going to be picking some next year!! To be honest, I'm normally on track with getting fall decors out, but not this year! I haven't gotten any of our fall decors out, normally I'd have them out and displayed by the end of September! Its because all our seasonal decorations are in the attic and I have not been in the mood to go in there and dig through the boxes to get to the decorations, and John hasn't really been home a lot to help. So I said, "Forget it! We'll just decorate for the Christmas holidays this year!"

Check out those mums! I wanted to take the home with us! Hahaha! Btw, I'm looking at these pictures thinking how fast my hair has grown in the past 3 months! Those pre-natals are definitely working wonders on my hair and nails... my skin not so much! Normally I regret cutting my hair short, but this time around I am so glad I did! My hair definitely feels so much thicker and healthier because I cut off all the dead ends where it was fried from getting "re-bonded" from when we went to Philippines 2 years ago. The lady totally messed up my hair. I should of known not to trust a lady who comes to the house to do your hair and not have all the proper equipment! Haha! I've also cut off all my short layers making my hair feel fuller and thicker! 


Of course I have my personal paparazzi following me around snapping away! Hehe! Btw, that sweater makes these pictures feel so much like autumn! I love it! Ever since moving here many years ago, Fall has become my favorite season. We never really got to experience the autumn season in San Diego because there are only two seasons out there: Spring and Summer. Haha! Anyway, we didn't stay too long because we had to head to the store to return something before heading to the park for the session. Ah! The session we did that day was a maternity one and it got me excited for ours! John's doing my maternity and a good friend of mine is doing our family one! So excited!!

Since I left my camera in the car, here's an iphone selfie! I've noticed most of the pictures lately have been of me and Im getting a little tired of seeing my self, but John prefers to be behind the lens instead of in front. Thats why I gotta sneak some snaps of him, but those are my favorite. The candids. :)


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