Maternity Session: Windsor Castle Park and Cottonfield!

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Here goes another maternity session post! And since we're still waiting on our gallery from the family one we did with a friend, I figured I'd go ahead and blog the one John did! John texted me on Tuesday morning to tell me that he'll be getting off earlier than usual. He's been coming home around 7pm the past two weeks, so it was nice to know he was coming home by 4:30! Of course he wanted to take this opportunity to snap some pictures because we're booked with session these next few weekends. Remember the Maternity Dress I made last week? Yup! That was one of the outfits! John has been wanting to see me in it, and he finally got to! He definitely made me feel pretty and sexy, and the dress turned out better than I expected! John liked it as well! 


I told John I really wanted the cotton field for a location to use with this dress! I figured with the jade color, it would look nice against the fields of white and browns... so off to Smithfield we went. He first took me to Windsor Castle in hopes that there would still be cottons when we got there. Unfortunately, most of the fields have been picked! I was so sad. & Since it was 5:45 and the sun was setting at 6:25, we had to make it quick. So we settled for Windsor Castle Park. Its a pretty location, one of my favorites, but I really wanted a cotton field! John made it work though, and did amazing as usual (I may be biased and all! ;p). I left it all to him to direct me and I really think he's getting the hang of it. Pretty soon, I can have him take over when I can no longer act as main shooter! We were able to shoot for 20 minutes. We were literally chasing light as the sun was setting! We got done at about 6:20 and headed out.


As we were driving towards the freeway, we spotted a cotton field to the left and although the sun as disappearing, John made the last minute decision to pull in and take some pictures! Ahh! He totally made my day! We literally took 10 snaps and left 'cuz it was getting dark. I had already changed out of the Jade colored dress I made and putting it back on would have taken some time. Luckily, John grabbed the Mauve dressed I had ordered from Sew Trendy! It worked out fine cuz the dress matched the pinkish skies! Next year, we gotta remember to head out to the cotton fields a little earlier in October cuz I definitely want to do some of our family pictures there! Sorry for the picture overload, but I just had to share! We're doing one more for our holiday cards sometime in November! :)


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