Project Nursery: Quick Peek!

Monday, October 05, 2015


I've mentioned that the nursery is almost finished, we just have to add the little details and wall arts and what not. We have all the main furnitures in: crib, dresser, changing pad, chair, footstool. Im still contemplating on making that old chair of ours into a glider, because my parents did offer to buy us a rocker/glider (that may go in our room instead). We are loving how our vision for it is coming to life! Of course there were a lot of tweaking to our original plans but its all coming together nicely in the end!


Since these will just be a quick peek of our progress I wont really go into detail on what, where and how. Just know that majority of the things in baby H's nursery are made with love from both John & I, from the decorations, to the pillows, to the nursery bedding set and blankets, to the mural. We've both been busy diy-ing & repurposing, not only to save money, but its just such a rewarding feeling to know you made the things for your baby versus purchasing from a store. Of course there are items in here that we purchased at stores like Ikea, TJ-Maxx/Homegoods, and even OfferUp, thrift and antique stores. The crib and mattress was given to us by my parents. Even if we can afford to shop at high-end baby stores, I think we would still stick to what we did. I love working on a project for the baby or the nursery and seeing the end product, its just such an awesome feeling!


The most recent diy I did are those blankets hanging from the crib! My sister and I collaborated on that blanket that is shown on the picture. She did the fonts for me and I did the rest of the design. I fell in love with similar minky blankets like these on some website but didnt have the money to dish out $60-$105 for a baby blanket. So, naturally I think about making it myself! It was a month long process to get the design just the way I wanted it. I knew I wanted monochrome, so we stuck with that. The blanket hanging underneath it is the world map in monochrome with the words "The World Is your Playground." I'll definitely do a separate post on how I made these :]

Baby H's nursery is hands down my favorite room in the entire house!! There's not a day where I don't spend at least 15 minutes just sitting in his room and imagining how it would be like when he's finally here. I'll sit on that chair and rub my tummy and talk to him as if he was in front of me. Telling him stories and what my hopes are for him. I love when he responds to my touch and my voice. Its our alone time and its my favorite time of the day. The nursery has also become Pax's favorite room. Sometimes I'll catch him snoozing away in there, under the chair. I can already tell he and baby will be best buddies!

Once we have everything up and done, I will definitely post a more detailed post, along with how we organized his dresser and a peek at his closet. But for now, we hope we've inspired some of you to try and make things on your own first before buying. I try to find time out of my day to just sit and work on projects. I spend about an hour or two when I get the chance and energy. This is after Ive worked (if I did that day), done house chores, errands, taking Pax out for walks, wifey duties. Im trying to do as much as I can now, because I know once baby is out, I wont have much alone time. Sometimes I get lazy, but it really is rewarding.


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