13 Years [Dating] Anniversary Shenanigans!

Monday, November 02, 2015

As I mentioned, John and I have been together for a total of 13 years! Time sure flies! We don't normally do the typical halloween stuff (except for one or two years), cuz we're normally out doing our own thing. So as we were getting ready to head out for our annual anniversary dinner date, John says "This is it Mama, next year we get to join all these folks and do actual halloween stuff!" Eeep! It got me even more excited! We've only ever dressed up twice in the pats 13 years! I'm excited to do fun halloween stuff with our baby boy!


Anyway, since John had the day off, we didnt want to waste the day and headed for the zoo! Our original plans of heading to Baltimore and watching the Chargers game was canceled due to John's schedule being shifted and we weren't sure if he was going to have the weekend off! I was so bummed, because it would have been our last out of town trip before baby makes his arrival. John tried to make up for the change of plans by taking me out at the zoo since we both haven't been to the one in Virginia and we've lived here for 6 years! But before that, we strolled down Granby St and grabbed lunch at Grilled Cheese. The food was yummy!!!

It was a nice warm day and the zoo was definitely not busy! I was most excited to see the Giraffes, they're one of my favorite animals! Why? They just are!! We got to see the adorable Red Panda up close as well! Pretty cool, and John really wanted to steal him! Hehe! We spent about 2 hours at the zoo because Im at the point in my pregnancy were this baby's weight is taking its toll on me and my back aches more than usual. I was definitely finding myself needing to take sit down breaks!


After the zoo, we went back home to rest before heading out to dinner. John made reservations at Texas de Brazil. I love the Brazilian steakhouses back in San Diego, and haven't gone to one out here, so I was excited to try this restaurant! The food was delicious! Pricey, but that was expected. There was one that was less pricey but we didnt want to make the drive up to Newport News. The lobster bisque and the potato salad and mushrooms and  lamb-chops was oh so delicious!!! Im drooling just thinking about it now! Yum!!! I dont know if I'd want to eat there again just for the heck of eating there because its $40 per person. Maybe on another special date night. Lol!


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