36 Weeks: The final Month!!

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Im nearing the end of my pregnancy journey and its making me extremely emotional! Everytime I look down at my belly I think of how much I am going to miss him being inside me, where I know I can protect him from the dangers of this world. But I know sooner or later, he'll have to come out and I'll be able to hold him in my arms and protect him in a different way. Its has definitely been an overwhelming roller-coaster ride that I could not have anticipated for, but was worth every ups and downs. I know I haven't kept up with my bump chronicles, and I promised I'd update in one post, so Im going to take this time to reflect on the past 4 weeks that I missed. 

The picture above was a trial image that John took with the new lens that I bought him, but it was the only belly picture I had for the 36th week (taken at 36weeks 5days), which was yesterday. This was after I woke up from a nap and earlier on the day was rushed to the ER. It wasn't due to complications with baby, I was bleeding non-stop from my neck for nearly an hour and had no idea. It was a normal day. I was starting to put up Christmas decorations outside, John installing the carseat and other things around the house... Until after lunch. I felt something wet drip down my neck and when I felt for it, it was nothing. Clear like water. So I ignored it, but I did tell him I was feeling a little off and shaky. 30 or so minutes later John asks me to move on the other side of the couch because he had to put the subwoofer behind the one I was sitting on, and I just happened to look down. My clothes were drenched it blood and I had no idea. John freaked out and pulled me in to the powder room and made me take my clothes off so he can find where it was coming from. After wiping off the blood, he saw it was a cut from my neck and it was on a vein. He immediately changed and rushed me to the ER because blood would not stop gushing out of my neck even after wiping and putting pressure on it. My first thoughts was, "Oh crap! The baby!" I wasnt sure how much blood I had already lost, but I was definitely light headed. I tried not to panic, but I was low-key wanting to pass out! John wouldn't let me close my eyes on the drive there, but I couldn't keep my eyes open.  It turns out, there was a minor cut on my neck and it was on an artery. I have no idea where or how I got it. They are assuming it was a skin tag, or something that I accidentally scratched without knowing. The doctors weren't too worried since the cut was small. They patched it up, then monitored the baby via ultrasound. Baby is doing fine, his heartbeat looked wonderful and he was certainly wiggling around in my belly. Thats all I was really worried about. John ended up staying home a little longer to keep an eye on me before heading off to work at 6:30. It was nice having home a little longer.

Aside from that little scare, I have also been having really bad heartburn and indigestion! It started on Thanksgiving after dinner. And no! I didn't eat an entire feast because I ended up staying home alone cuz John came home later than planned and we didn't end up making it to our friends family party. So it was dinner for 1, or well 2, sorta! Lol! I was just glad John got to come home at 9 rather than midnight. We went to bed around 11 so we can get up early for some black friday shopping. But boy, I could not sleep because of the heartburns. They were so bad I was up at 2:20am and could not, for the life of me, fall back asleep. So I was super tired while we went out. I only lasted 2 hours before I asked John if we can go back home and sleep. John bought me some Tums and I ate some before heading to bed. I was able to sleep for a good 3 hours before it started bothering me again.

On top of all the heartburn, I have been extremely itchy! Itchy.. everywhere! Neck, chest area, belly, thighs, arms.. I cant seem to figure out why! Its really bothersome! I started using Aveeno itchy cream, its helped a little bit. But oh my goodness! I knew the 3rd trimester was going to be just as bad as the First, but holy smokes! This is the most uncomfortable I've been my entire pregnancy!! Itchiness, heartburn, constantly having to pee, and just feeling really really big! His movements have also changed. It doesnt feel the way it did several weeks ago, its definitely more forceful and I feel like when he kicks me now, it feels like my ribs are getting bruised! I can feel every single movement. Baby H has also turned and is head down and in birthing position. And since he has turned, I can feel his bum agains my belly and his foot next to my ribs when he kicks. I can also see his elbow, or arm move along my belly! Its quite fascinating to just watch! I also like to poke his leg which makes him move a ton!! Also, aside from the heartburn and itchiness, add pelvic pressure on top of all of that other things I have been experiencing! I started experiencing some of these symptoms at 34 weeks, but it has just gotten worse! Its both good and bad (in terms of being uncomfortable).

I am also on my weekly OB appointments, which started earlier this week. We had an appointment on Tuesday and they did labs, the normal routine, and checked my cervix. Doc said im not dilating just yet, but its definitely thinning. Eeep! John was able to join me for the first time since our 20 week anatomy scan, which was nice. We also had to do an unplanned ultrasound because the doctor thinks the baby is measuring small. I have always measured a week behind because of my small frame, the other ob's Ive seen says its normal for my size and they dont expect a big baby. But just to be safe, the doctor went ahead and squeezed me in for an ultrasound just to get measurements. I was a little worried but I knew he was fine. He is measuring at the 12th percentile at 36 weeks 2 days, and is weighing roughly at 5lbs 6oz. Sounds good to me! I do have a follow up appointment in 3 weeks to do more measurements making sure baby is growing, and I thought by then, I wouldnt be surprised if he has already made his arrival! Im hoping for a December 18th-20th baby because I really want him home by Christmas! But I know, I know... its not up to me!


The above picture was from my 33 week belly! John got baby and I some matching tees for our dating anniversary! It's the cutest thing!! Mamabear x Babybear!! When John was deployed back in 2008-2009, our emails were always addressed to 'Papabear & Mamabear' and a little more than 6 years later, its finally come true! I can't wait to wear it with baby! I asked John why he didnt get himself one, and he sad it was too much, it would be a little corny for all three of us to rock it! Haha! As if the three of us do not have matching shoes already! Haha! 


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