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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

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We had our baby-shower a few days ago and although a lot of people were missing, we still had an amazing time! We were expecting more people but because of John's schedule changes we had to change the date of our shower as well. So some that have RSVP-ed had to cancel because of it, or people were getting sick! So our shower turned out to be an intimate event, which I liked cuz we got to talk to everyone and mingle with them! We threw our own baby-shower, with family being far away, I didnt wanna have to put the burden on any of my girlfriends here cuz I know how busy they are too, and since I wasn't working much, I figured I'd tackle on the job. All decorations are either diy-ed by John & I or taken from baby H's nursery. 
As for the food, we wanted to incorporate the "travel" theme to it so I thought of "Taste around the World" as our menu instead of our typical Filipino food. I had a bigger menu, but since we werent having that much guest, I cut it down to 5. The sweet treats are sweets that I craved this pregnancy: French Macarons, Duck Donuts, S'mores (pops), and Trese Leches. Most of the food are homemade with the exception of the Duck Donuts and Lumpia. I did not have time to make and roll 120 lumpias! No freakin' way! Haha! 


It's been an overwhelming month planning for this shower and I am glad it is over. Towards the end, I wanted to just skip out on it since a lot of people couldn't make it out anyway, but since this is our first born, I wanted to experience everything that came with pregnancy. Next kid though, I dont think I'll plan one for myself. Haha! John was very helpful the days leading to the shower and a couple friends reached out the night before and the day of to help, which we are very grateful for! :)

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Our amazing guests that was able to celebrate with us! I'm so glad they were able to come despite the cold and yucky weather! We didn't get to take as many pictures as I'd like but we set up our photo-booth and it was a success, so we have those pictures as well! We had them keep one as a keepsake and glue one on the guestbook for baby H! We were all so caught up on talking and just hanging out that we didn't even get to play games or open gifts during the party! We had 5 gift cards as prizes too, but some guests had to leave early so I figured to just skip out on the games since there were only a couple people left. Its definitely not the typical shower I normally attend, but I was okay with that! Sometimes you plan for things and it just doesn't go according to plan and you just gotta go with the flow! 

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So after all of our guests have left, and John has finished cleaning the club house and I got some rest... We finally opened gifts. We faced-timed with my family so they can watch me open gifts! Was to excited to open gifts, even though they arent for me, I love seeing all the cute and little things for the baby! We have been receiving gifts in the mail as well for the past month or so. We literally have been receiving packages atleast once a week! It was pretty insane! This baby is truly loved and spoiled and we are very grateful to for everyone's love and support. We have gotten majority of the things we need, and then some... to welcome this little one and now the waiting game begins!! I can't believe how fast that all went! I'm now at 34 weeks. Its insane!!


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