Hospital Bag is ready!

Monday, November 30, 2015


We are officially in the final 3 weeks of pregnancy!! I looked at my Ovia app and first thing I read was "You are at the homestretch!" Omg!! Most people say pregnancy went really slowly for them, but I feel like it flew by for us!! This past week or two has been a little rough, but nothing I couldn't handle. Just feel really big and uncomfortable at this point, but still trying to keep a positive mind. With that said, we are baby ready, for the most part! I don think we can fully and 100% be prepared for what is yet to come, but we're getting it together, and just going with the flow.


I finished packing our hospital bag the other day (with the exception of the camera bag and other goodies), and after crossing off 95% of the things off the list, I was getting more excited and anxious! I may have over packed a bit, but better safe than sorry. I don't know how long we'll be there. I was told between 2-3 days, depending on my labor and any complications that arises. Which I'm hoping for a smooth labor and delivery. One can only hope and pray for, right? Let me just say how much I am loving our JuJuBe set, which can be purchased at their website or other baby online sites!! I purchased these separately and I originally had a different design for the diaper bag, because they were sold out of the one I have now for a while. So as soon as it came back in stock, I sold the one I had and got this! I purchased our duffle bag from Amazon back in July when they had a sale. It is the the Superstar - Admiral from their Legacy/Nautical collection. The Fuel Cell and Paci pod were from Navy Exchange and was bought during the everything baby sale, and finally the diaper bag is the BFF - The Commodore! I originally had the Queen of the Nile and purchased it from the Navy Exchange for a reaallly good price, but sold it to purchase the Commodore because I really wanted it to match mine and John's hospital bag! Hehe! The Commodore was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond and used a 20% coupon. The duffle bag consists of mostly my clothes and necessities and some change of clothes for John.  The fuel cell has snacks for John and my family and gum, paci pod obviously has the pacifiers, and then the BFF diaper bag has all of baby's outfits, blankets, and other stuff. We didn't pack much for baby because we were told the hospital provides most of the things we need. We will also be bringing an extra bag for all the hospital goodies we get to take home! 

Here's a picture of the rough draft Hospital Bag list I made. Never got a chance to finalize it or type it up, but you get the picture! Haha! I had to search Pinterest to get ideas on what to even bring, as well as going off of friends list and then just customized it to meet our needs.

Not pictured that we will also be bringing:
1. Camera/Tech Bag
2. Boppy Pillow
3. Pillows for John & I and a blanket for John
4. File binder and baby book

I think we should be fine. I just want to be as comfortable as possible when Im at the hospital! Im hoping to stay no more than 3 days. I will also  be asking them for a medicine ball to bounce around in!


Aside from the hospital bag being ready, John finally installed the carseat a few days ago! I cleaned the inside of my car on Thanksgiving day and have been asking John to install the seat! We decided on the driver side, for now. We will be taking it to the fire-station sometime this week to make sure it has been installed correctly. If the prefer it being in the passenger side, then its no big deal we will gladly move it there. We had to make sure that the driver seats were still comfortable and can be adjusted for John to sit on and he said it was fine. The stroller is in the trunk, window shades are up and the 'Baby on Board' sign that I gave John as part of the baby announcement is also up! Has it really been 31 weeks since the day I told John?! This year definitely flew by! It is officially December tomorrow!!! Ahhh!


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