Two Month Milestones!

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Month two has definitely been a lot better than the first month! I love learning new things about you each day, but its also bittersweet because as the days pass the more I realize you are no longer a newborn. No longer that almost 7 lb babyboy I gave birth to. Your facial features have also changed and you're looking more and more like your Dada, or so most people say. I still like to think you're a good mix of the both of us. 

  • 11 lbs, 9oz - 22 inches 
  • Eats every 2-3 hours,  is now doing both breast and formula since 8 weeks old. 
  • Sleeps 7-8 hours at night in his rocker/bassinet (broken up) 10p-2am,feeding, then 2ish-4, feeding, then 5-7. We get our day started by 7-7:30 am. You co-slept for a few days until we got your rocker. We've tried putting you down on everything and the rocker seems to be the only one that has worked so far. You can also sleep through loud noises and music.
  • Diaper Size: 1
  • Clothes Size: 0-3, 3M
  • Likes:
    • Staring at the ceiling fan, lights, moving things
    • Thew learning puppy toy Dada and I got you! It helps us change you in peace because we just turn it on and you behave and stare at the heart that lights up!
    • Bath time! See, I knew you'd like it again. You've gotten a lot stronger that I can now bathe you all by myself! We no longer bathe you in the kitchen sink, we have now officially started bathing you in your bathroom. 
    • Music - this month, we've listened to all types, but Disney Classics seem to put you to sleep! Which I love because I can totally sing my heart out to the songs (out of tune and all) and you don't mind and fall asleep anyway. Ha!
    • Watching TV! 
    • "Boppy" Time = Belly Time! You've gotten a lot stronger since dada started belly time with you at 2.5 weeks old! I am impressed at how strong you've gotten than you can hold yourself up on the boppy! You overachiever you!
    • Being in the Ergo carrier and going out for walks! 
  • Dislikes:
    • Being swaddled (still). Lately, you've been tolerating it and just letting us swaddle you. You fight a little and eventually give in. 
    • Being left alone! Idk how you know, but as soon as I walk out of the room, you freak out.
  • Milestones: 
    • You have officially found your hands and have now started to put your entire fist in your mouth! Mostly your right hand, your left hand you could careless for. So were assuming you'll be a righty.
    • Holding yourself up during belly time!
  • Firsts:
    • Ash Wednesday! This is the second time we took you to church (Christmas being the first). Its been difficult trying to get anywhere with you that we have not gotten a chance to attend mass since then! =X 
    • Valentines Day! You and dada treated me out to a massage and a manicure. You spent the entire time with dada. Although it was nice having some alone time, I missed you terribly. We also had a nice "picnic indoors" dinner date. It was too cold to be out so Dada planned one for inside the house, which I loved because we got to watch Walking Dead at the same time! 
    • Trip to Colonial Williamsburg and Yorktown! 
    • Leaving you in your crib! I started leaving you in there for a good 10 minutes, then it gradually got longer. Now you play in your nursery for a good 15-20 minutes before you come crying out for me. Next step is getting you to nap in there!  
  • Personality: 
    • You are a happy go lucky bubby when you want to be. You have the most adorable smile I ever did see and I love the way you "talk" and interact with me every morning and for 20 minutes throughout the day. You're such a story teller. Youre mostly happy after you have pooped. You've gotten better at not crying all day long and I am so glad that the fussy outbreaks are slowly winding down. You still have your moments though, but you definitely play a lot more now than last month. You mostly like to cry it out between 7pm-9pm, which we have now dubbed as the 'Vader' hours. As in Darth Vader from Star Wars. We started calling that after watching the movie and Han Solo says to Princess Leah "he's got too much vader in him" referring to Kylo Ren! Haha! Anyway, its the time when no matter what we do to try and soothe you, you just refuse to stop crying until bath time, and we do our bedtime routine.
    • You're also what we like to call a happy spitter. You like to spit up/throw up most of your food, it might be due to your acid reflux. The doctor has prescribed us some medicine which were hoping helps. And because you like to spit up a lot, Mama does laundry every other day. She also has to make sure she brings extra shirts when going out.
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Dear Tristan,

I know some days are harder than others and sometimes I can get a little impatient and frustrated. So on the times that I walk away when you're crying, its not because I'm mad at your or that I dont care, I'm doing it because I dont want to take it out on you. So every now and then, I just have to step aside for a quick minute to recollect myself. This whole Mom thing is still very new to me, and every day is still a new learning experience. But I promise you that I am trying. I cant promise to be the perfect Mom, but I will promise you that I will always try. I love you more than you'll ever know, despite the horrible days we have.



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