Monthly Milestones: 9 Months!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy 9 months to this cutie! We have a 9 month old!! When did that happen? I cant believe I'm already planning your 1st birthday kid! Its so bittersweet! I know this next few months leading to his first birthday is gonna fly especially with all the events and holidays each month! I seriously need time to slow down! I become an emotional wreck every time I think about how big you're getting! This past month has definitely been one for the books, from standing on your own to walking while holding on to something. You dont even use your walker anymore that I decided to sell it (&the jumper!) 

  • 20 lbs - 28.5 inches  
  •  EVERYTHING... even stuff that you're not supposed to eat, like paper and Pax's fur on the floor. Haha! Anything you touch automatically goes in your mouth! So that means, I gotta keep an eye on you like a hawk! :p
Sleep patterns
  •  are getting better! That, or I've just gotten used to it by now! You usually sleep 8-10 hours with one quick fuss between 2-4, but you go right back to bed. Dada or I gotta get up to find your binky around your crib to put it back in your mouth so that you'd fall back asleep. 

Diaper Size: 
  • Still at 3, which is totally find because I ordered a bunch of size 3 Honest diapers and we havent used them all up yet. 

Clothes Size: 6M/6-9M 
  • Sizing is weird nowadays, some of your 6M still fit and most are getting tight, and some 9M fit but some are still big. I guess it depends on the brand. 

    • Chunky food vs. Pureed (although you'll still eat it, but not as much) 
    • Cellphones and remotes! 
    • Music! As soon as you hear some kind of music on TV, you stop whatever you were doing and will turn around and watch until its over!
    • Dancing! You'll also dance to the song, or whenever we "sing" 'Dance, da da, da da dance!" You shake your tail feather! Lol! 
    • Your new big-boy carseat! You were starting to hate your infant carseat, but as soon as we switched over to the big boy one, you started to enjoy car rides again! 
    • Mama's Filipino Music play list - You will fall asleep to that play list and stay asleep during nap time for at least 2 hours! 
    • Getting into the entertainment systems and turning on the bluray player, every. single. day. I've tried to put all your toys in front of it to block it, but nope! You are way too smart! 
    • Playing and interacting with Paxybubs! Even though sometimes, he acts like he doesnt like you, I know in the near future, you guys are gonna be BFFs! You just gotta stop being such a bully and pulling on his fur and his face and ears and tail! Haha!
    • When mama takes away the cellphone or remote from you! You throw a fit! I mean, cry and throw your head back and scream bloody murder! Its insane sometimes, kid! 
    • Pureed food - You're not longer a fan of it, but will tolerate it when youre really hungry and have no other choice! Haha!  
    • Standing on your own without assistance! 
    • Walking around while holding on to something, the table for instance!
    • You've figured out how to clap!!
    • 2 teeth have finally made its appearance! Its your two bottom middle teeth! Teething hasn't been horrible, thank goodness! You're just extra clingy somedays, but thats nothing new! :p
    • Climbing stairs! And you're fast at it! 
    • Eating Filipino Food - Beef Nilaga (minus the beef) - You enjoyed the rice, potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes and broth! You loved it so much, you wanted more! 
    • Being back carried on the Ergo! So much easier to lug you around now. Carrying you from the front was hurting Mama's back cuz you're getting so heavy!
    • Hike up to the mountains (sorta) with Mama, Dada and Sisi and getting to sit in a swimming hole on top of an 80-foot waterfall and watched us swing from a rope onto a blue lagoon! We took a 4hour trip to Falling Springs Fall in Covington, Va. and you did amazing! Dada back carried you on the Ergo and by the 3rd hour you were sound asleep! 
    • You're saying more noticeable words, like "heeyyyy bebay" or atleast thats what we think youre saying, but mostly jibberish still! Lol! You say Mama and Dada and baba a lot! Plus a bunch of other jibberish because you're so talkative! 
    • You have absolutely no stranger danger at the moment. So Mama and Dada always has to make sure we know where youre at and who's carrying you! 
    • When I said you were stubborn last month, boy you're even more stubborn this month! I guess its not your fault. Im sure you dont fully understand what "no" or "stop" means just yet. 
    • You can cry on demand some days, we'll just say "Heeyy!!!" and then you start making the saddest face and cry for 2 seconds. Lol! Such a character you are! 
    • You're definitely ticklish! You and I have this thing called "the finger" where I tickle you with my index finger (more like poke at you)! 
    • I often underestimate just how capable and smart you are. Your curiosity amazes me! Just a few days ago you figured out how to open the gate that blocks the kitchen to the living room. Idk how you figured out how to do that, but now I have to make sure its locked all the way! 
    • When you're done with a toy or object, you like to throw it. At home, in the car, at the stores. Im not sure if you're testing me and what your limits are, but boy don't push my buttons too much, because you're gonna have to start getting disciplined!
    • When I try to discipline you, you think its a joke and just start laughing that it makes it difficult for me because then I start laughing! Yeah, you gotta stop that! Haha! 

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